Printing date: 9/15/2019

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There are two ways to find a schedule: by route or by stop.

Schedules by Route

This view will show all stops and times for a particular route. You may select your transit provider and transit mode to choose from a list of routes, or directly enter your desired route number or name.

Schedule by route

The results include all the routes that match the search criteria.

Among the proposed routes, select the route that you are interested in and a direction (“towards”) to display its timetable.

Select route and direction

The schedule view shows the next three trips for today.

You may change the time using the arrows, or see ten trips at a time by selecting ‘See More’.

You may also change the date of the schedule.

If you want to see the departures from a stop, click on the stop name. Clicking “See all Schedules” will show all the departures from that stop for the day.

The schedule is available to download in PDF format by clicking on Download PDF button.

Schedule for the day


Real time information (where available) included in the schedules


Schedules by Stop

Enter your desired station or stop name, select a stop on the map, use your current location to find nearby stops, or select a favourite stop.

Schedules by stop

Select a route and direction (“towards”) from the resulting list.

Choose a direction

The next several scheduled departure times from this stop for your selected route and direction will be shown.

Next departures

You may also change the date of the schedule, and select ‘See All Schedules’ to view the schedule for the entire day. The schedule is available to download in PDF format.

See all schedules