Printing date: 7/17/2024

If you have any issues regarding accessibility, please contact us through the Triplinx Feedback Form

Paratransit is door-to-door accessible service for people who are unable to use conventional transit due to a disability. Most municipalities in the GTHA have their own paratransit provider or share with larger communities. Choose your local paratransit provider to find out about service, contact and eligibility information. All riders must be registered to book a trip. For further information on how to register, use the information in this section to contact your local provider directly.

If you are a mobility aid user who is registered and in good standing in your home municipality you can now transfer to any other GTHA  paratransit agency to complete your trip without undergoing through an eligibility process with each agency. To arrange a cross boundary trip requiring services from multiple agencies, please contact your local provider first.

Many people with disabilities are able to travel using conventional transit services or use a mix of conventional and paratransit services. The transit information provided on this site includes conventional transit information about wheelchair accessibility of routes and stations and can provide you with a wheelchair accessible trip plan.