Printing date: 4/11/2021

If you have any issues regarding accessibility, please contact us through the Triplinx Feedback Form

Conventional Accessible Service

All buses used by MiWay are accessible. Accessible buses are equipped with low floors, extendable ramp/lift, kneeling feature at front doors, and reserved wheelchair/scooter areas. Riders must be able to safely maneuver their mobility device.


Support Persons 

Passengers requiring care when travelling are requested to travel with a support person. A support person is permitted to travel with a passenger requiring assistance, covered under the same fare, provided the passenger requiring support or the support person informs bus operator upon boarding.


Wheeled Mobility Aids 

MiWay buses provide spaces for wheeled mobility aids at the front of each bus on a first come, first served basis. Buses can accommodate wheeled mobility aids up to:

  • 121 cm or 48 inches in length,
  • 76 cm or 30 inches in width, and
  • 272 kg or 600 lbs in weight (when occupied).


More Information 

To learn about accessibility at MiWay, visit the Accessibility section of the MiWay website.

Paratransit Provider

The paratransit provider for Mississauga is Peel Region’s Transhelp. For additional information, visit TransHelp’s website.