Printing date: 11/30/2023

If you have any issues regarding accessibility, please contact us through the Triplinx Feedback Form

Conventional Accessible Service

All conventional buses are now fully accessible. Accessible features on conventional buses are identified by the international symbol of access and ramp and kneel decals by the front door.

Support Persons

You may apply for a pass which will allow a support person to accompany the applicant on the St. Catharines Transit Commission’s service free of charge consistent with the requirements in the Integrated Accessibility Standards (IASR) Regulation.

Wheeled Mobility Aids

St. Catharines Transit has introduced accessible bus routes, which enable those individuals with mobility challenges to easily board a ‘low floor’ transit bus. The buses assigned to these routes are equipped with a ramp, instead of stairs at the front door, as well as tie-down spots for up to two wheelchairs. Simply make your way to a bus stop along any of the accessible routes and the Bus Operator will open the ramp for you… it’s that easy!

More Information

To learn more about accessibility at St. Catharines Transit, visit the Accessibility sections of the St. Catharines Transit website.

Paratransit Provider

The PARATRANSIT SYSTEM is an extension of the conventional city buses. It is a specialized transportation service operated to assist persons with mobility difficulties who cannot board a regular city bus.

For additional information, visit the St. Catharines Transit website.