Printing date: 11/30/2023

If you have any issues regarding accessibility, please contact us through the Triplinx Feedback Form

Conventional Accessible Service

Both GO Transit trains and buses (including all routes) are accessible.

Accessible train stations are equipped with a raised mini-platform in the middle of the train platform, which has a ramp at both ends. This provides access to the accessible railcar, which is the fifth car from the locomotive end of the train. When the train pulls into the station, a crew member places a portable bridge plate across the gap between the accessible railcar and the mini-platform to permit boarding.

Most GO Transit rail stations are accessible. Please note that the following rail stations are not yet accessible for boarding GO Transit trains.

  • Eglinton
  • Bloor
  • Mimico
  • Longbranch
  • Kipling
  • Georgetown

Please verify prior to travel that the station elevators you plan to use in your journey are currently in service by visiting the Elevator Service Update section of the GO Transit website. You can subscribe to email/text updates on elevator status by visiting the On The GO Alerts section of the GO Transit website.

There are two types of accessible GO Transit buses. Highway coaches board board people using wheeled mobility aids using lifts, whereas double-decker buses make use of extendable folding ramps and a kneeling feature at front doors. Both types of accessible buses accommodate two passengers using wheeled mobility aids.


Support Persons

Passengers requiring assistance when travelling are requested to travel with a support person. A GO Transit Station Attendant can validate your ticket/pass as a Support Person Ticket, which allows two people to ride together under one fare.

Wheeled Mobility Aids

 HIGHWAY BUSES  • Two  • 127 cm/50 in  
  • One person standing on lift is permitted
  • Lift is raised to a height of 137 cm/4.5 ft
  • Lift weight capacity: 750 lbs/340 kg

Vehicle numbers: 8101-8125

  • Curbside: 151 cm / 59.4 in
  • Roadside: 138 cm / 54.3 in

Vehicle numbers: 8000-8021

  • Curbside: 146 cm / 57.5 in
  • Roadside: 129 cm / 50.8 in
  • 81 cm/32 in wide access ramp
  • Ramp weight capacity: 700 lbs/318 kg
  • Ramp cannot be deployed on a road surface, as the incline would be too steep
 ACCESSIBLE RAILCARS  • Eight positions, plus two extra spaces in the vestibule area  
  • Floor space: 152 cm /60 in
  • Aisle clearance: 81 cm/32 in
  • Holds a device no bigger than 81 x 122 cm/32 x 48 in
  • 90 cm/3 ft wide
  • Ramp weight capacity: 600 lbs/272 kg


More Information 

To learn about accessibility at GO Transit, visit the Accessibility section of GO Transit’s website.

Paratransit Provider

For paratransit services, GO Transit customers use the paratransit service provider in the municipality where they wish to travel.