Printing date: 7/18/2024

If you have any issues regarding accessibility, please contact us through the Triplinx Feedback Form

How To Ride

Visit the Are You New To GO? section of the GO Transit website to learn more about using GO Transit.


GO Transit allows animals on board its trains and buses when they are in enclosed, secure containers that do not inconvenience other passengers. Containers are not needed for seeing-eye, hearing-ear, or special-needs dogs required by passengers for independent travel.


On Buses 

The entire GO Bus fleet is equipped with bike racks, including all highway and double decker buses.Racks are on the front bumper of the bus, and each rack can carry up to two bicycles. There is no extra charge to use the bike racks.

Availability is on a first come, first served basis.


On Trains

You may take a bicycle on any GO Train on a Saturday, Sunday, or statutory holiday.

On weekdays, due to rush-hour crowding, upright or non-foldable bicycles are not permitted on trains scheduled to arrive at Union Station between 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. or that leave Union Station between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Bicycles are permitted on all other trains, including weekday off-peak, and those travelling opposite to peak direction.

Luggage and Strollers

Luggage on Buses and Trains 

GO Transit does not have the facilities to transport large amounts of luggage; however, passengers travelling in non-rush-hour times may travel with objects that they are able to carry on.


Strollers on Buses 

Strollers can be brought on our bus service anytime, but they must be collapsible to fit on GO Transit buses. When sufficient space is available, as a courtesy, GO Transit bus drivers can assist in loading and unloading articles into the underfloor compartment of buses. Please note that not all GO Transit buses have an underfloor compartment.


Strollers on Trains 

Train passengers using strollers are welcome to use ramps, and families may remain in the accessibility coach; however, priority is given to persons with disabilities.

Lost and Found

Please contact GO Transit at 1.888.GET ON GO (438.6646), ext. 7273 (toll free long distance) for the Lost and Found. You can also email at

To find out more information, visit the lost and found section of the GO Transit website.

Safety & Security

We promise to always take your safety seriously. Call our Transit Safety Dispatch or find Transit Safety staff if you are involved in or see…

  • an incident on the GO system
  • harassment
  • parking dispute
  • a suspicious package
  • unsafe or prohibited activity

1.877.297.0642 - Transit Safety Dispatch (24 hours a day)

911 for life threatening emergencies or crimes in progress