Printing date: 8/11/2022

If you have any issues regarding accessibility, please contact us through the Triplinx Feedback Form

How To Ride

Boarding the bus

  • Plan your trip ahead of time. Please be at your bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is due to arrive.
  • As the bus approaches, step out from the bus shelter or bus stop to the curbside. If it is not the bus you need, take a step back.
  • Have your fare, transfer or pass ready before you board. Show your transfer or pass to the driver for validation, or tap your PRESTO card onto the device. If you are paying by cash, make sure you have exact fare and deposit your fare into the farebox.
  • Ask for a transfer at the time of payment.
  • If you are standing, please move to the back of the bus to make room for others. Customers must remain behind the white/yellow line near the front of the bus to avoid blocking the driver’s view.

Exiting the bus

  • Be aware of where you are and when your stop is coming up.
  • When you want to get off the bus, pull the bell cord above the window or press the stop button on one of the hand rails before the bus reaches your stop. Make sure you give the driver advanced notice, so the driver has plenty of time to stop the bus smoothly and safely.
  • If your bus stop has other customers waiting to board the bus, please exit through the rear door of the bus whenever possible. Some doors will open automatically and others will open either by pushing or with a sensor. Read any labels on the door to make a proper exit.
  • Never cross the road in front or directly behind the bus. Motorists passing the stopped bus may not be able to see you. Move to the sidewalk after exiting the bus, wait for the bus to clear before crossing, or use the cross-walk nearby for your safety.


Visit the Ride With Us section of the Oakville Transit website to learn more about using Oakville Transit.


Service animals are permitted on board Oakville Transit buses. All other pets must be leashed and muzzled or contained in an animal cage. The driver may refuse to allow a customer to board with an animal if these conditions are not met. Exotic animals are not allowed on board the bus.


All Oakville Transit buses are equipped with bike racks which can carry two bikes. In the event that a bike rack is full or inoperable, at the driver’s sole discretion, a bike may be transported onboard the bus. The comfort or safety of other customers must not be compromised and the bike cannot block the aisle.

Luggage and Strollers

When there is space, when other customers will not be affected or at the driver’s discretion buggies and other large articles may be allowed on the bus. The driver may decline to allow such objects at any time that he/she feels safety may be compromised. Customers are required to carry their own buggies or articles on and off the bus.

Lost and Found

Please contact Oakville Transit at 905.815.2020 for the Lost and Found. 

To find out more information, visit the lost and found section of the Oakville Transit website.