Printing date: 7/17/2019

If you have any issues regarding accessibility, please contact us through the Triplinx Feedback Form


Service animals and guide dogs are permitted on-board at all times. You may carry a small lap dog on the bus. Other small pets must be contained in an animal-carrier device. You are responsible for the behaviour of your animal.


All HSR vehicles (except the Trolleys) are equipped with a bike rack on the front bumper, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each rack can hold a maximum of two bikes. If the bike rack is full, please wait for the next available bus. The rack is built for bikes that have 16 inch wheels or larger. Please note that you are responsible for loading and unloading your own bicycle.

Luggage and Strollers

All regular service buses feature low floors with an extendable ramp/lift kneeling feature at front doors, facilitating passengers rolling on large luggage items such as suitcases. Collapsible buggies and strollers are allowed on-board the buses unless they interfere with the flow or movement of passengers within the bus or, in the opinion of the HSR opera­tor, the safety of the passenger or child is placed at risk by boarding with the child in the stroller. Please note that you are responsible for loading and unloading your own luggage and strollers.

Lost and Found

If you leave an article on the bus call 905.528.4200 and ask for Lost and Found. Call immediately so we can assist with finding your lost item. If you find something on the bus, please give it to the bus operator.

More Information

Visit the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Ride Guide section of the HSR website to learn more about using HSR.